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5 Benefits of Installing a Smart Thermostat in Your Home

Why should you spend money to switch from a traditional thermostat to a smart one?

Making this switch could require messing with your home’s wiring or hiring a professional to do things for you. So you’ll want to make sure whether investing in this device is worth it.

As you make your way through this guide, you’ll find the various benefits of installing a smart thermostat.

1. Schedule Your HVAC Usage

When coming home from a long day at work, you likely don’t want to walk into your home to encounter muggy and stale air. With smart thermostats, you can schedule when you want your HVAC to run by using apps that pair with your system.

That means you can schedule your AC to run at least 30 minutes before you get home.

2. Track How Much Energy You Use

Smart thermostats constantly monitor your home’s energy usage. Thus, they can share this instantaneous data with you 24/7. Understanding times when you use energy will help you make data-driven decisions about when to use your HVAC.

These devices will also track your usage habits. Knowing these habits lets you figure out what your ideal temperatures are and how often to run your HVAC.

Often, these devices will also provide tips on their apps on ways that you can adjust temperatures to optimize your energy savings.

3. Helps You Save Money on Energy Bills

Nest, a smart thermostat, published a study that claims its devices have saved homeowners 15% on energy costs related to cooling and 10–12% with heating.

How do smart thermostats save you money? By combining these features:

  • Energy monitoring: allows you to tweak your temperatures
  • Sensors: they won’t waste energy adjusting a room’s temperature that you’re not in
  • They learn your habits: over time, they’ll know what temperatures and humidity you prefer, so they won’t overcool or overheat a room

While you can fine-tune traditional thermostats to save energy, that’ll take a lot of time out of your day. So don’t worry about spending extra money to save time. An average smart thermostat will pay for itself in at least a couple of years.

You can potentially pay off your smart device sooner. Combining smart thermostats with an energy-efficient HVAC system will give you the most energy savings.

4. Better User Interface for Reading Temperatures

Most traditional thermostats have small buttons that are hard to read. With many devices, they’re also unlit. For those who don’t have the best vision, these terrible user experience choices can lead to issues.

For instance, they could accidentally set the wrong temperature, which could waste energy.

Smart thermostats use large and well lit icons, numbers and buttons. User interface designers should have used best practices when designing the smart device apps. Every design choice they make should accommodate those who won’t have the best vision.

Apps and the devices themselves also have larger buttons. That feature makes it easier for those with varying finger sizes to adjust temperatures easily and navigate through apps.

Not only do you have a better interface, but you also can control your thermostat remotely. If you’re away from home and your app tells you your home has high humidity, you can control it remotely.

Reducing your home’s humidity can mitigate or prevent mold growth, which could otherwise damage your home.

5. Pair It With Other Smart Devices

Depending on what thermostat you’re using, you can pair it with the automation software IFTTT. With this software, you’d pair your smart thermostat app with other apps to create applets. These are automated tasks.

Here’s an example. You could use IFTTT to pair your thermostat and Google Home to work with other smart devices in your home, like curtains.

Are you looking for someone who can install smart thermostats in Biloxi, MS or Nashville, TN? Request an appointment with Broussard Services today. Let us know how we can help.

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