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6 Water Leak Detection Methods: To Help You Fix Your Plumbing

Examples of ways to find plumbing leaks include using listening and drain inspection devices along with checking your pressure release valve. Read this piece to learn more.

We have been helping the Nashville and Mississippi Gulf area for years and have gained much experience in residential and commercial plumbing. So we wrote this guide on methods you (or plumbers) could use to detect leaks.

Each point will cover the leak detection methods and how they help find plumbing leaks.

1: Monitor Your Water Usage Bill

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that household water leaks can lead to over 1 trillion gallons of wasted water annually [1]. And this wasted water can lead to much higher water bills.

This method will not pinpoint your cracked pipe, but will let you know there is an issue. Conversely, your home could have had significantly more water usage due. You will need to review your home’s water usage before drawing conclusions.

2: Listening Devices

You can use listening devices like hydrophones to find leaks underground or in your walls. These devices will listen for sounds like:

  • Whooshing or hissing: pipe vibration caused by water forcing its way through a cracked pipe
  • Knocking or hammering: water pushes its way through a crack and hits gravel or rock
  • Gurgling: water flows through soil cavities

Acoustic detection, along with thermal imaging and leak correlators, act as non-invasive methods to help detect water leaks. You will want to consider these methods as alternatives to digging up your yard.

3: Drain Inspection Camera

You (or plumbers) can use a small camera mounted to a long flexible cable to inspect your pipes for visual damage. The camera will enter your drain through outlets or faucets.

They are excellent for locating PVC glue issues or cracks. While running the camera, you or the plumber may find additional issues. Like debris clogging your pipes.

Thus, you can simultaneously fix multiple issues.

4: Check Your Pressure Relief Valve

Inspect your boiler’s pressure relief valve for leaks. You can find this component near the top of your water heater. The following issues could serve as the culprits for your valve’s leaking:

  • Loose-fitting valve
  • Valve is not fully closed
  • Damaged valve
  • It may drip because you have not opened it in a few years

You will want to contact a plumbing company in this scenario.

Attempting to fix this issue yourself could lead to various problems. For instance, potentially damaging your water heater could lead to carbon monoxide leaking into your home.

5: Toilet Dye Test

Drop toilet leak-detection dye tablets or food coloring into your toilet’s tank to see whether your toilet is leaking. Do not flush your toilet when doing this.

Step away from your toilet for at least 5 minutes, come back, and check whether you have dyed water in the bowl. If you see colored water, that signifies your toilet has a leak.

You may have a crack in your toilet or a broken flapper. The toilet flapper is the rubber piece that prevents water from draining from your tank to your bowl.

Replacing the flap could only take a few minutes and doesn’t require professional help. If a lousy flap isn’t your issue, you will want to contact a plumber.

6: Check Your Yard for Greener Grass Patches

Grass patches in your yard that grow faster (and appear greener) could signify you have an underground water line leak. In extreme scenarios, you will see puddles form around these spots.

If you’re in the Mississippi Gulf or Nashville areas and need a plumbing specialist to repair, maintain, or replace your plumbing, we can help.

Broussard Services offers sump pump servicing, plumbing installations, drainage maintenance, and more. Do you have a plumbing emergency? We can send a technician over at any time.

Or we can help you find leaks. Call us at (615) 988-6030 (Nashville) or (228) 271-3205 (Mississippi) to schedule an appointment.

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